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Quit Smoking, lose weight, relieve stress, be healthy

taking charge of your life, free from the baggage of the past, having made the decision to break through your internal barriers to personal happiness.

Welcome to the Website of Positive Change Hypnotherapy, a leading therapy centre situated in Auckland that offers a unique blend of counselling, psychotherapy, life coaching and hypnosis into a formula to assist people make desired changes in their lives.

Some of the most common issues successfully treated using hypnosis include:

Quit Smoking
Lose Weight
Relieve Stress, Fear, Phobias, Anxiety
Personal Growth
Be Healthy
Enhance Performance
and Creativity

Hypnotherapy Auckland
The Positive Change Hypnotherapy approach was introduced to Auckland in 2005 and since then its Auckland Hypnotherapy Clinic based in Westmere has assisted thousands of people achieve their goals. Areas of expertise include:

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety
Hypnotherapy for Depression
Hypnotherapy for Phobias and Fears
Hypnotherapy for Stress Elimination
Hypnotherapy for Enhanced Performance
Hypnotherapy to Eliminate Unwanted Behaviour e.g. Quit Smoking.

You can be taught to eliminate stress by mastering the powerful technique of Self-Hypnosis!

Achieve your goals!

Feel Calmer and more Relaxed!

Be in Control of your life!

Changing your life does not have to be
frustrating or painful.
A better YOU is just a phone call away.



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Unable to take action in order to achieve your goals.
Feeling stressed.
Ready to make change but not sure how.
Lacking the ability to focus on your goals.

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